Here Comes the Detailed Description of Airwheel All-New Models In 2017

Abstract: Now Airwheel products have covered the needs of most people with the join of H series of electric wheelchair, R series of electric assist bike and C series of smart helmet. All the efforts are to allow people to enjoy a Free Intelligent Life.

Despite the success Airwheel has achieved, it never stops working on developing the next generation smart electric scooters. The 2017 is also a fruitful year for Airwheel with many revolutionary products born. The new products that have raised fans' heated discussions about the performance and new functions of the products. Here is the detailed description of new arrivals.

Airwheel H3

In the first place, Airwheel rolled either out a brand new series— H series of electric wheelchairs featured by dual ride modes, by hand or by electricity and by automatic folding system to save the trouble of riders with mobility problem. Also, the A6S self-balancing wheelchair is designed for people with mobility problem. Unlike H3, A6S is more suitable for the public with body gravity centre to control going forward and backward and with the handlebar to control directions.

Airwheel C8

Also, two new models have added to Airwheel C series, a smart wearable device that can not only keep you safe, but also add much fun to the journey. Following C5, C6 and C8 cool motorcycle helmets have many intelligent functions. During riding, you can take is as a camera recorder and answering calls and listening to music are realised during the ride.

Airwheel R8

What's more, Airwheel R series smart electric bikes welcome two models—R6 and R8. R series is known for its multiple ride modes and powerful customized high performance hub motor, and safe braking system. Also, the modular battery design is designed to be built-out and replaceable. R8 is proud of the triangle frame formed by a bending long pipe firm and crush resistance. Moreover, it is equipped with the largest wheels so far—26 inch wheels with special tread, allowing R8 to conquer various road conditions. R6 is easy to fold automatically. With light weight and mini size, Airwheel R6 can be easily carried into buses, subways etc. What kind of new products Airwheel will bring us in the future remains to be seen.

Airwheel R6