Public Display of Affection, How Can You Miss Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter?

For years, padlocks have been latched by lovers on the Pont des Arts bridge, but it turns out the tokens of affection won't be so permanent after all. Paris city employees removed a railing loaded with locks on June 1st.

It seems so difficult to display affection in public now. Flower is old-fashionable. Kong Ming lantern is forbidden. The Arts Bridge has gone overnight. Sending presents to your girlfriend, let’s look at something more reliable and practical. Airwheel intelligent scooter relies on cool and fashionable look, high technology, and therefore must be your best choice.

X3 electric unicycle

Airwheel electric intelligent scooter is the latest pollution-free transport, which is suitable for you to go on and off duty or go outing. It combines transportation and entertainment, which is high-tech, multifunctional. Airwheel is your best choice.

Airwheel has prepared various models for users, from one-wheel scooters to two wheel self-balancing electric scooters. Each one has different appearances and different functions, so Airwheel can meet the need of various groups of people. Classic single-wheeled X series is agile, so it is suitable for young adults who have ample encourage to go for adventure. Twin-wheeled Q series is compact and easy to learn, because it has relatively larger frame on the ground, so it perfectly fits the need of women.

Q5 self-balancing scooter

Besides, Airwheel single wheel scooter is not a transport, but also a good way for people to do exercise. Nowadays, people lives in a busy world under huge pressure. Though it is powered by electricity, riding it for 30 minutes costs 285 calories and riding around cones for 30 minutes costs 900 calories. At the same time, it can improve people’s balancing ability and nerve reflex flexibility, which trains our shoulders, ridge, arms and legs, and builds up our body as well.

Young adults in new age have their new way of locomotion and sending presents. Airwheel is practical, eco-friendly, economical and fashionable. It has strong power and battery, which indicates that the affection lasts as long as Airwheel intelligent scooters. You don't need to worry about durability period, and Airwheel is the symbol of your love. If you like your girlfriend, buy Airwheel to her.

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