How Does Travel Help Entrepreneurs Improve Their Business and Their Lives?

Think traveling for business is unnecessary, especially for entrepreneurs? Think again. Believe it or not, business travel can be a very effective way to boost business and yourself, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner.
John DiScala, founder and CEO of Johnny Jet, recently wrote in Inc. Magazine about why entrepreneurs need to travel as part of their work.
First of all, it can inspire you.
A change of scenery can recharge your creativity. It stimulates your senses, allowing you to experience a place, and refocus your mind. Think about how often new solutions to problems pop into your head when you’re taking a shower or working around the house.
Just being in a new place might spark some insights to workplace problems or design something new. A different location can provide a different perspective. What’s more, experiencing different cultures can help come in handy when connecting with associates from the area, so consider international travel as well.
Travel can help you adapt by pushing your boundaries, forcing you to adapt to new situations. Being an entrepreneur is like traveling: You have to come up with creative solutions to problems constantly. There are no set procedures, you’re creating them on the fly. So it is with travel.
If you travel regularly to the same destinations, vary your accommodations. Stay in a new hotel or a new part of town. If you want a bigger challenge, travel to different parts of the world and interact with the people. Don’t just limit yourself to speaking with people who speak the language or share your culture. Seek out new challenges: order dinner in another language, visit a local museum, or attend a cultural event.
Traveling can also help you communicate more effectively, especially if you’re not fluent or even verbal in another language. When that happens, you need to use other means to communicate. You need to read body language, facial expressions, vocal tone, and even hand gestures. (Be sure to brush up on your own hand gestures too: some signs we use here in the U.S., like the OK sign, mean something completely different — and rude — in other cultures.)
Not being fluent or verbal in another language requires you to use other means to communicate. You may need to ready body language, facial expressions, tone and even hand gestures. If you’ve ever tried to order food or even get directions in another language, you know what a challenge it can be. So imagine trying to operate in another country where you don’t speak the language for a week or two. A few lessons in reading people and communicating clearly can even help you read business contacts a little better. You’ll be more in tune with reading people and you’ll know what cues to watch out for.
Basically, if you’re an entrepreneur, and you need help rejuvenating or giving yourself an emotional boost, look for a conference or a new client you could meet in another city. Book a few days there, whether it’s for work or even a bleisure trip and see if you can recharge your batteries that way.
Are you an entrepreneur who travels? What does it do for you and your business outlook? Or maybe you’re an executive who’s on the road quite a bit. What does it do for your work? Tell us about it on our Facebook page, or on our Twitter stream. You can also find us on our Instagram page at @TravelproIntl.
Photo credit: Pixabay (, Creative Commons 0)