How Frequent Travelers Survive Airports And Airplanes

Contrary to what the folks back home might think, business travel is more grinding than glamorous. Postponed meetings, jet lag, security hassles and endless hours in airports.
So, how do frequent travelers maintain their edge when stranded in airline terminals?
One absolute godsend is the lounge that airlines make available to their “premium” customers. Complete with comfortable chairs, complimentary refreshments, laptop ports and internet access, these lounges are an oasis in the air travel desert.
If you’re not a premium customer, many airlines offer one-day passes to these lounges for a fee. Plus, certain credit card programs entitle users to lounge access.
Another method for improving the airport experience that Travelpro® Rollaboard® customers swear by is the “art of one bag travel.” Packing all essentials into one carry-on eliminates the hassles of checking and retrieving extra luggage, paying excess and oversized baggage fees, and dragging multiple bags through security checkpoints.
Speaking of security checkpoints, imagine breezing through them by simply unzipping the back of the computer case, laying the case flat on the conveyer, zipping up the case once it’s passed through the X-ray machine, and proceeding to the gate. That’s the advantage of Travelpro’s Checkpoint Friendly computer cases, an invaluable tool for the road warrior looking to minimize travel headaches.
Another hassle-reducing approach for travelers whose trip requires multiple bags is to ship those bags to the destination, instead of checking them.
With nearly all airlines now assessing both checked bag and overweight fees (typically $20 – $30 for the first bag checked and often twice that for extra bags, plus additional fees for bags weighing over 50 pounds), it may be less expensive to ship them. And, if not less costly, shipping luggage is certainly less stressful then lugging it through the terminal.
For the traveler who prefers to check luggage, the Austin House Adjustable Luggage Straps with ID card reduces travel anxiety by preventing accidental openings and simplifying luggage identification.
Two final techniques for surviving the airport grind are briskly walking the terminal during long waits, and avoiding heavy meals. Walking stimulates blood flow, while eating light reduces lethargy and drowsiness.
Long airport stays are no fun for anyone. But, they can be made tolerable and even productive with Travelpro, Austin House and a little common sense.
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Photo credit: JoiseyShowaa (Flickr)