How to choose a commuter electric assist bike that suits you?

How to choose a commuter electric assist bikethat suits you?

Abstract:Traditional bicycles are not affected by traffic jams, but their failure to become a good way for office workers is because bicycles are too tired to rely on manual labor. Airwheel R5commuter electric assist bikefully took this into consideration, combining the compactness and convenience.

How to choose a commuter electric assist bike that suits you

As an office worker, most people must go to the company to check in at work in the morning, and then check out in the afternoon. Because of the fixed and similar commute time, a large number of traffic, pedestrian flow, and limited road space make the traffic in a state of extreme congestion, which also hinders the commuting efficiency of office workers. Especially during this special period-novel coronavirus, the congested public transportation will be a potential risk for public safety. So, what kind of travel method is suitable for their commute?AirwheelR5electric assist bikecan be easily folded and carried, enter and exit indoor environments such as elevators, offices, and homes. Taking into account this part of people who work overtime to early morning, the Airwheel R5is also specially equipped with lighting LED headlights and smart brake taillights, which provides sufficient safety for night riding.

Airwheel R5 is very suitable for office workers. According to related investigations, most office workers lack sufficient exercise, which leads to a decline in physical fitness and energy, often in a sub-healthy state. For office workers who can hardly find time to exercise in a busy work life, combining exercise and commuting together can solve this problem to a certain extent. In order to meet the needs of commuting and sports, the R5Electric Assist Bikeis equipped with a hub motor, while retaining the design chain, and adjusting the driving chip to achieve three riding modes of pedal, moped and electric.

In order to facilitate charging, the battery pack R5electric assist bikeadopts a design that can be detached and plugged directly. It can be removed and charged separately, or it can be placed on the car and connected to the car charger for charging. The battery pack is also designed with a USB interface, which can also be used to charge the mobile phone while riding, without worrying about the various troubles caused by the mobile phone's power being zero.