How to Leave a Hotel Room with Everything You Brought

Are you the sort of person who looks for their glasses when they’re on the top of your head? Do you misplace things often? Ever hide gifts so well that you can’t find them at Christmas? Then surely traveling is a nightmare for you. Because leaving things in your hotel room happens more often than you care to admit, doesn’t it?
You’re in good company. A 2015 Kelton Global survey showed that 29% of Americans are more likely to leave something behind in their hotel room as opposed to taking something. Clothing, toiletries, electronic devices, and chargers are the most frequently forgotten items. Jewelry, underwear and hair styling tools complete the list.
Maybe you have dyspraxia, a coordination disorder that makes one prone to leaving things behind. Or maybe you don’t have a good organization method to help you keep track of things when it’s time to leave.
Here are a few ideas suggested in a recent article from USA Today that will help make sure you leave with everything you brought with you.
First, you should not hide items on short stays. Hiding items increases the chance of leaving them, so leave things out where you can see them — counters, dresser tops, desks, etc.
If you do choose to hide things, double-check the hotel room before you leave. Traveling with someone? Ask them to take a second look. Two sets of eyes are better than one. Always double-check to make sure you have your phone, passport, wallet, phone chargers and computer. It also doesn’t hurt to have a habit of hiding things in the same place every time, so you know to check that place every time you travel.
Second, don’t store everything together. Money in one pocket, bank cards in another or several. Why? If you misplace your wallet, you still have access to funds.
Another option is to think bright, vivid and colorful — but I’m not referring to your socks. Luggage that’s vibrant red, lime green or even bright orange isn’t easily misplaced. Or confused with someone else’s. In other words, obnoxious colored luggage is the least likely to be overlooked, stolen or accidentally switched. The TravelPro Maxlite® collection offers many options to choose from.
Before you close that door on your way out, you might want to check the three places where items are often forgotten: balcony, bath, and bed. Did you sit on the balcony or hang things out to dry? Give it a check before you leave, even if you were only out there for a second.
Not surprisingly, the bathroom is where most things are forgotten. Check behind the shower curtain for toiletries, check the sink counter for hair styling tools and shaving devices, and don’t forget to look behind the door for clothing you hung up.
Finally, be sure to check under and in the bed for socks, shoes, and reading devices. If it helps, make it a habit that anything you take off at the end of the day gets packed into your laundry bag or suitcase, rather than left on the floor or in a drawer.
After you’ve checked “everywhere” listen to your inner voice which could be telling you that something has been forgotten. Chances are, it knows something you forgot, so check one last time.
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Photo credit: Olichel (Pixabay, Creative Commons 0)