How To Pack: Rolling Your Clothes

It’s time to hit the road for an extended trip, and you want to pack your Travelpro® carry-on suitcase as efficiently as possible. What’s the best approach?
When you need to fit a lot of clothes in your Travelpro Rollaboard® luggage, you may want to consider rolling them. Rolled garments take up less space and, when properly rolled, are far less likely to wrinkle.
As reported in a May 6, 2010 New York Times article by David Ahntholz, Heather Poole, a Los Angeles flight attendant, rolled everything she needed for a 10 day trip in a single Travelpro FlightCrew 22” Rollaboard.
By rolling her garments and properly packing them, she was able to carry-on:
How did she do it?
First Heather rolled all her clothing very tightly and arranged them beside her carry-on from heaviest to lightest. Then she placed her shoes in the Rollaboard along the outside edges of the main storage compartment.
Heather then packed her rolled jeans and pants beside the shoes lining the “perimeter” to form a layer of heavy items on the bottom of the bag. She then placed a second layer of lighter rolled garments on top of the bottom layer. By packing each layer tightly, wrinkling is further reduced.
Then, she formed a top layer by tightly packing her lightest rolled garments. Finally, she placed her clutch and toiletry kit on top of the three layers of clothing. Since the garments were rolled, the clutch and kit won’t wrinkle them (plus, they help balance out the bottom layer, simplifying her commute though the airport).
Rolling enables you to pack far more garments into a single carry-on than the traditional “folding” method does.
Besides, transporting rolled clothing in a Travelpro Rollaboard just seems natural, doesn’t it?