In Review: The new Cabeau Evolution S3 Memory Foam Pillow

The heavily awarded and supremely popular Cabeau Evolution S3 Memory Foam Pillow has had a makeover this year, we look at the updated model in detail.
We rarely dedicate a blog post to a single product, however with the popularity of this pillow we thought we would look at the new 2018 model, the latest features and review once again, just why this pillow is so damn good!
I’m traditionally not a fan of any travel pillows – they’re either somewhat comfortable but a pain to cart around, or inflatable and convenient to pack but not very comfortable. However, as more and more airlines do away with in flight pillows as a standard offering, they have become a necessity to aid in getting some on board rest. Then Cabeau came along and shook up the entire product offering. By designing a pillow that actually worked with the constraints of the airline seat rather than against it, they developed a pillow that enables far improved head support, reduces aches and pains associated with long haul travel, and made it luxurious, washable and easy to travel with.
The latest release, the Evolution S3 has taken this even further with the notable addition of seat straps – these allow you to attach the pillow to the seat itself, effectively customising the seat to have comfortable head support. The first of its kind, these seat straps will once again, completely change the game.
Returning to basics though; at the core of this pillow is premium memory foam, soft and comfortable, it conforms to your neck and adapts to the position providing soft comfort yet firm support. The back of the pillow is flat so it doesn’t push your neck forward when resting against the seat. The sides are raised offering side support and the neck toggle allows the pillow to be wrapped around your neck and adjusted firmly to give 360-degree support and stop head bobbing.
The 360-degree support holds your head and neck in a much better position than what one would usually get when nodding off to sleep sitting upright, this reduces tension and strain and therefore reduces travel associated pain and aches including headaches and sore necks. So, if you use this pillow even just to watch your movie your muscles will be better off. If you manage some sleep too, then you will arrive feeling 100 times better.
The soft, luxury outer cover is moisture wicking and comfortable. Most importantly it can be removed and washed allowing you to clean the ‘plane germs’ off after each trip and it gives you a fresh clean pillow for each journey.
The revised zippered carry case squashes the pillow down to ¼ of its size so it can easily be stowed in your carry-on luggage. This is a huge deal if you’ve ever carted one of those beans filled pillows around – what a pain (there’s a reason why airport bins are full of them!).
There is also a new small zipped pocket on the side that you can store your instructions in or small personal effects such as headphones or a credit /cash. A small feature perhaps, but you can get your beauty sleep with all your items safely stowed in your locked carry on overhead, then when you wake purchase a glass of wine with the credit card that’s been safely stored in your pillow, no need to go rummaging up top to find your money.
So, there’s a run down of the latest features – we’re looking forward to hearing what our customers think of the new features.
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Images via Cabeau