Interview with the Design Team of Airwheel Electric Self-balancing Scooter A3

Abstract: On Jun. 18th, Airwheel wrapped up its new product release conference with the incredible debut of A3. A3 has impressed all the guests attended. Today, let’s have an interview with the Airwheel design team.

On Jun. 18th, Airwheel launched two new products during the new product release. Between the two products, intelligent electric skateboard A3 has quite struck the eye. Today, we had an interview with the Airwheel design team in terms of details about A3.

A3 segway electric

Q: What is the most typical creative feature of A3?
A: Undoubtedly, the saddle. A3 is designed on the basis of ergonomic theory, which is the collection of designers’ wisdom. A saddle solves the difficult problem of current self-balancing scooters, which is the riding posture. Because the standing posture of the existing self-balancing scooters will lead to riding fatigue. They can’t meet customers’ demand for long-distance riding in cities. This is a disadvantage of intelligent self-balancing scooters compared to traditional electromobiles.

Q: A3 is introduced with an electronic braking system for the first time. But some users are not quite used to the new system. Why could this happen?
A: Intelligent scooters differ from traditional transport vehicles. It keeps balance through the self-balancing system. It brakes and accelerates by translating users’ body movement into command. The electronic braking system of A3 is based on the self-balancing system.Users’ body tilting angle backward will keep within 10 degrees. This guarantees users’ safety. For new starters, this might be a little bit uncomfortable. But after several trials, they would embrace the new product.

A3 2 wheel self-balancing scooter

Q: Designers specially developed an APP for A3 electric bike motor. Will there be more Airwheel products connected to APP?
A: Definitely yes. The development of APP is to deliver better riding experience for users. They can download APP to their phones and have real-time supervision of their electric scooter’s status. The APP can also adjust the electric scooter for safer riding. At present, the designing of APP for S5 has come to an end. There will be further development of APP for other products in the near future.

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