Is It Difficult To Learn Airwheel Smart Electric Scooters?

Abstract: Now, home to ten different smart gizmos, Airwheel enables riders with different riding levels to master it in the shortest time. But, is it difficult for green hands to master it?

Airwheel electric scooter belongs to high-tech transport compared with the traditional ones. We are impressed seeing those Airwheel veteran riders play many stunts. How about the novice? Are there learning tips for them?
The following explains in detail how to ride Airwheel mars rovers skilfully and lists the precautions for the riding.

Airwheel X3 Electric Unicycle

We will start from the Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters.

When powered on, it will balance by itself due to its internal gyroscope: a physical device rotation axis realizing stability by the effect of the law of conservation of angular momentum.
Firstly, you need to place Airwheel vertically on the ground and power it on.
Then, stand on the pedal or straddle on it, place one foot on the centre of a pedal and bend the leg slightly to press on the cushion rubber tightly. Stand upright naturally and look straight forward. Shift your body weight to the leg standing on the ground and try to achieve lateral balance.
Maintain this position and shift your body weight gradually to the other leg and lift your supporting leg from the ground and try to maintain momentary balance. Please follow and practise the above steps before starting riding with one foot on pedal.
After being able to ride with one foot smoothly, place another foot on a pedal and relax your legs for better balance. Ride along and try to change directions by shifting body weight or twisting your waist slightly.

Airwheel Z3 scooter

If you choose the Z series, E series and R series intelligent electric bikes, you will take less time to ride it skilfully. Both Z series and E series are equipped with accelerator on the handlebar. You can stand on the board or sit on the saddle first and then push the accelerator to go forward. To stop, you can push the brake button (EBS). To control R series relies on the handle and the switch riding mode can be set via the App.

Airwheel R5 elecrtic bike

To conclude, no matter which series you choose, for first-timers, be sure to equip yourself with comfortable sportswear and sneakers. Warm up your body and keep your body agile.

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