Is It Safe to Ride Airwheel Lightweight Electric Scooter?

Abstract: People feel worried about the riding the novel self-balancing electric scooter, as there are continuous accidents reports. Safety should be placed in high priority for everyone. Airwheel mini electric scooter enjoys a high reputation among the consumers, as they will provide them a safe ride.

Airwheel intelligent power scooters are equipped with quality lithium battery that enjoys a high reputation among the whole word with longer life expectancy than the ordinary lithium batteries. Also, the charger of Airwheel is up to the European standard. Airwheel is equipped with a high-power charger. When charging the battery, riders need to power on the A/C source after plugging in the charger, otherwise the charger will stop working to avoid charging safety. The indicator lights will turn red when charging and green when charging completes.

Airwheel battery

It needs to bear in minds that please do not incline further to accelerate so as to avoid injuries, when approaching the maximum speed, as the Airwheel has set top speed limit to protect both the riders and others. There is also a tilting protection. That is when Airwheel tilts to over 45° sideways, e.g., when Airwheel mini electric scooter turns over, the control system will activate tilting protection. The motor will stall immediately to prevent injuries. The buzzer will start a long buzz and the LED indicators will flash at the same time. In order to deactivate this, riders needs to power off the Airwheel to reboot.

smart electric skateboard

Also, Airwheel installs double circuits and double main control chips, like M3 smart electric skateboard. Through balancing chip double backup technique, even if one chip fails, the other balance chip system will immediately take over the work, to ensure its security.

Airwheel Z8

Double battery intelligent protection system protects the power system; Even if one system appears problem, the other system can ensure the whole electricity core is stable and safe. And the smart lights are bright, so riding at night is safe since lights can remind the pedestrians and vehicles, like Z8 small wheel electric scooter. Based on the description, you can be rest assured to ride Airwheel mars rover.

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