Joy wells up once riding Airwheel intelligent electric scooter S8 and folding electric bike E6

To create a vast and free daily living travel, Airwheel rolls out two new arrivals, S8 electric walkcar and E6 foldable electric bike, with different appearance and movement principle, to meet the diversified demands of consumers.

On our way to a destination may be like this: one guy departures from home and walks for 15 minutes or more to arrive at the bus station or subway station, and then after you get down off the bus or subway station, he needs to go to office on foot too. It is hard for those who have gone through a tough day. One day, intelligent transportation vehicles come into our life. Driven by electricity, intelligent self-balancing electric scooters differ in exterior design and interior performance. Not spending too much manpower, they also have largely altered the increasingly severe environment. With positive exploration, Airwheel launches S8 for adding joyfulness based on high security level and the newest E6 for easing your daily commute.

personal electric scooter

Airwheel finds out that more or less the self-balancing scooter with standing posture in current market exists potential safety hazard since long-time standing to ride will lead to a very exhausted status. To lower the learning difficulty, Airwheel made bold attempts to adopt the second generation self-balancing technology. It alters the two-shaft drives into three-shaft drives with four directions, adds seat on the top of control lever and forms the pressure sensitive system. S8 double-wheels electric scooter is the product under the new technology. For new beginners, learning from sitting to ride to standing to ride is more reasonable. Sitting to ride, together with the arc shape control lever, makes the operation much easier.

E6 smart electric scooter for sale

People still favour bicycles, the survey conducted by Airwheel shows. However, if combining bicycles with electricity and intelligent analysis, a new form of bicycles will recall the beautiful memory. E6 electric bicycle is born with simplified X-shape figure and strong folding ability. Intelligent EBS braking system and C-AT vehicle control system provide riders with accurate and smooth protection during startling and braking period.

So joy wells up immediately once riding Airwheel S8 and E6.