Lucky Scooter for the Whole Year — Airwheel A3

Abstract: At the beginning of the year, everyone hopes luck is around us. Which color is always closed to luck? It's the orange. Then it's a good try to have an Airwheel A3 adopted orange color design.

A new year means a good starting that everyone wants it. As we know that orange is always related with luck. At present a bike-motorcycle has appeared in the crowded road which is just designed with orange color. Actually it is a two-wheeled electric scooter. And its front part, the handlebar is a slightly similar to a bike's. And the structure of its end part has a tone of motorcycle.

A3 seated scooter

In regards to its outer shell, it's easy to see the material used in this device. Airwheel A3 is made of light and thin magnesium aluminum alloy frame, which is polished and scratch-proof. Then the colorfast shell is made of nano mixed material. The whole design with various graphics has a tone of white and orange representing sporty and joyful elements. That combination also represents luck.

The cushion is made by genuine leather seat that can provide the rider a comfortable experience during the ride. Moreover, the sleek saddle in V-shape is designed accord with the ergonomic principle out of concern to offer more comfort than the traditional ones. With hands holding the handlebar, the rider can feel comfortable silica gel that can make the control easier.

Airwheel A3

There are some functions other scooter can't have. Between the right and left handlebars, there is a 4-inch LED display screen indicating comprehensive data like current speed, temperature, power level, mileage and monitor. With a screen in the scooter, lets us ride without worry. It offers us an excellent chance to change the pavement filled with stones. Therefore riders can go to the beach with this scooter since it has strong and solid tires.

This two-wheeled motorized scooter with fine craftsmanship abides ergonomic principle aims to provide riders a cozy riding position. A3 can be a good travel tool.

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