Mitch Joel’s Best Piece of Travel Advice

Many people ask: what’s the secret to a positive air travel experience? Having traveled plenty in my lifetime, I have survived every possible scenario: flight delays, cancelled flights, red eye flights, missed connections and stressful flights. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about how to travel better and more efficiently. So what’s the secret to a stress free trip?
Mitch Joel on Marketing Yourself (Photo credit: watchmojo)To summarize a recent post by Mitch Joel, seize the moment.
As they say, preparation is everything, and this is especially true for air travel. This means filling out your customs declaration form the night before, and checking in and printing your boarding pass in advance. Packing snacks in case you’re stuck sitting on a runway, and using a carry-on bag instead of checking luggage whenever possible. Come prepared with magazines, books or other entertainment so you don’t find yourself rushing through the airport to grab a magazine before your flight boards.
If you’re flying across several time zones, my number one tip is to get acclimated to your new time zone before you arrive. Before your plane takes off, set your watch to your new time zone and adjust your routine accordingly. This may mean that you’ll be sleeping while others on your flight are eating lunch, but so be it. Many people spend a full day recuperating from jet lag when traveling across several time zones. A day spent sleeping off jet lag could be a day spent touring a city, spending time with your family or getting extra work done.
Finally, if you’re a frequent traveler, consider applying for a program such as the TSA Precheck which will allow you to move through security lines faster – or in some cases, skip them entirely. This investment can ultimately save you up to an hour per trip – and if you travel often, that can result in days of saved time.
What’s your best piece of travel advice? Share with us in the comments section below.
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