New Airwheel intelligent folding electric scooter — Z5

Abstract: Have you felt the enjoyment of riding Airwheel electric scooter? Have you ever shared your happiness with your friends and let them enjoy the same happiness with Airwheel electric scooters? Here comes a new Airwheel intelligent electric scooter—Z5 electric standing scooter to bring you new riding experience.

Now, a new way of locomotion is coming. Airwheel intelligent electric scooter solves all your problems. Don't worry about transportation and go out by Airwheel. Airwheel intelligent scooter is always the most precious treasure for commuters. On their way to work, riding is too exhausted, driving is a little bit waste of money, so they used to worry about which transport to choose. Airwheel lightweight electric scooter perfectly solves this problem.


The classic X series electric unicycles are suitable to the public users who love adventures and never stop pursuing the most suitable thing to them, and X series is designed to be the perfect balance between powerful performance and reasonable prices. Airwheel Q Series with technological innovation of wheel hub add more energy to the balancing scooter industry and it rejects legalistic development. With the passage of time, more and more new series are invented to meet the market's demands.

2-wheeled electric scooter

Multiple folding systems enable portability and convenience. Z5 foldable electric scooter is easy to fold by lifting and pulling with the innovative foldable handle design. Specially designed bayonet facilitates riders to carry around. Convex handle, combined with curved shaped operating rod, provides enough room for the hands. To be more beautiful and more comfortable is the charm of S profile.

Airwheel Z5

In addition, nowadays, people live in quick-pace world with huge pressure, so they don’t have time to do exercise, even they want to. Thus, working people always have a health problem, which affect both their working efficiency and happy family life. Airwheel Z5 standing up electric scooter can change everything. Though it is powered by electricity, riding it costs calories. Riding Airwheel Z5 regularly can improve balancing ability and nerve reflex flexibility, which trains shoulders, ridge, arms and legs, and builds up your body as well.

The new Airwheel Z5 delights us.