New Model In Airwheel H Series—H8 Motorized Chair For Parents To Go Shopping

Abstract: At the beginning of 2018, Airwheel pushed out new products to keep its competitive edge, for instance the H8 lightweightelectricwheelchair. It is senior-friendly, designed for parents to go market, take a walk or enjoy a travel.

Many of us are sitting on a long list of things we want to do once we finally retire. We have long put off what we might do today in order to save for what we hope to do later. And it makes sense to plan and prepare for the future. For our parents, they are now in this process and we can prepare an Airwheel H8 power chair with storage bag to make their daily travel easier and safer.

Airwheel H8 smart wheelchair

According to its project manager, they have interviewed many senior citizens and collected many data to design H8. One vehicle that can meet the whole families' demands is extraordinary. H8 electric wheelchair is made of magnesium frame, light and tough featured by strong impact resistance and more importantly, such design reduces the item weight to 27kg and improves the load capacity to 130kg.

Airwheel H8 intelligent wheelchair

Like H3S, H8 enjoys simplified operation. Push the handlebar controller to go forward, backward and turn directions. H8 has two ride modes— electric mode (sitting mode) and man-powered mode (standing mode). Riders can push the handlebar controller to go or take a walk with H8, which also helps carry more goods. Airwheel H8 smart electric wheelchair is equipped with the smart phone App for riders to learn the real-time riding condition, such as the speed, residual capacity, track, mileage, etc. Other than that, the App fault self-diagnosis guarantees their safety. Also, they can adjust Airwheel H8's current velocity parameters so that it can meet travel demand and increase the level of comfort riding experience.

Airwheel H8 Smart Wheelchair

One of the most important features of Airwheel H8 power chair is the large-capacity storage box. It is able to carry the daily necessities, making parents go shopping easier and more labour-saving. Also, it introduces dual brake systems—hand brake and brake button, which provides dual safety guarantees. Its lengthened distance of axle base and wheel base increases space and ensures a comfortable and safe ride.