Newest Innovations In Travelpro Luggage

We don’t often talk about our luggage on our blog, but we’ve come up with some innovations that we think will improve travelers’ experience. The changes to our products were far from cosmetic, and designed to solve a common issue with modern luggage: stability.
When using four- or eight-wheel spinner luggage, the luggage has a tendency to swerve to the left or right. This puts a strain on the traveler’s wrist and shoulder as he or she compensates to keep the luggage moving in a straight line. This isn’t unlike a car whose wheels are out of alignment. In order to keep the vehicle in a straight path, the driver must constantly correct the direction.
Travelpro 21 inch Blue Marquis SpinnerWe came up with a solution to the drifting issue by designing our patent-pending MagnaTrac Spinner wheels which incorporate magnetic wheel technology. Made specifically for spinner luggage, we created a system where the wheels will always line up and go straight, but can still be turned easily. The result is less strain on your body, which can mean a more enjoyable (or less tiring) trip.
We also introduced two other patented features, the Contour Grip and the PowerScope handle. Contour Grip is a handle specifically designed for use with Spinner wheels. The handle is made from two cushioned halves that fit directly into the palm of your hand, cushioning it while you push your bag through the airport. This improved handle gives you more comfort and control of your luggage, regardless of whether you push or pull.
The Powerscope Handle is made to resist the pressure points that form when pushing luggage and reduce the wobble in the handle. This gives you more control over the bag, and helps prevent breakage.
All three TravelPro designs won awards at the Travel Goods Association Product Innovation Awards in 2012 and 2013, including 1st place for the MagnaTrac™ Spinner innovation. These designs will be applied to multiple Travelpro product lines so the improvements can fit within most travelers’ budgets.