Now May be a Good Excuse to Travel While Rates are Low

The travel industry is in a long, slow recovery from the pandemic, and travel providers of every size are certainly feeling the pinch. Businesses around the globe are very cautiously sending their employees abroad to face-to-face meetings, but families and individuals are beginning to make the first forays into vacation travel. Even so, the general public is being careful, and the low numbers reflect a traveling landscape that has changed drastically since this time last year.
As virtual meetings become more of the norm, business travelers are comfortable with staying in quarantine. Not only is their safety being preserved, their companies’ bottom lines are as well.
The pandemic has had a major impact on the world economy, forcing companies and travelers to reevaluate their travel expenses and consider whether or not traveling is an option anytime soon. In spite of the continuing impact of the pandemic, there are plenty of travel options that are available, with safety and finances kept in mind.
Car rental companies are waiving fees and increasing cleanliness
Rental car companies are reshaping their fees and changing their rates. For instance, Enterprise Rent-a-Car has extended their cancellation fee policy to pre-paid renters who booked directly with them. They have also updated their cleaning standards. Hertz has also changed their cancellation policy and cleaning standards as well.
Even if you didn’t feel like flying to a destination, a car trip might not be out of the question, especially given the lower rental costs. You can rent a car for a weeklong trip and save the wear and tear on your own automobile.
Hotels increase sanitization measures
The hotel industry has suffered especially where the cleanliness of rooms of their rooms are concerned. Guests have increased concerns and are avoiding hotels in favor of Airbnbs or even friends’ and families’ houses. Hotel chains have taken note and are taking their housekeeping cleanliness to new levels.
Hilton has implemented CleanStay, a new standard of cleanliness that uses products from Lysol, Dettol and others to clean everything from remotes to the TV. Similarly, Marriott has established the Marriott Cleanliness Council, which aims to use necessary cleaning measures right now while hoping to bring ease to the public who want to travel.
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Planes, trains, and low prices
Airlines and railroads have tried to do their part in keeping travelers safe. Both airlines and Amtrak are requiring travelers to wear face masks during their transit. Amtrak is also limiting booking on trains to encourage social distancing, and they have installed air filtration systems on the trains to improve air quality.
September and October are generally the best times to buy plane tickets anyway. With airlines wanting to fill seats, tickets are relatively cheap, and many of them are doing away with the middle seat bookings.
With the holidays around the corner, travelers should start planning trips and take a good look at ticket prices these days. Airlines are being ultra-competitive, which means travelers are likely to find a good deal pretty quickly.
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