On Safety Issue of Self-balancing Electric Scooter

Abstract: Recently, explosions of self-balancing electric scooters occurred during charging, which caused panic among the customers and great concern for the safety standards of this sector. Strict market access principle and regulation should be set up to tackle this issue.

As the emerging means of transportation, self-balancing electric skateboards have won great popularity among customers with its convenience, flexibility and sustainability. However, recently, a series of reports of explosions of this kind of vehicle during charging have raised people's awareness of the safety standards of the sector. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has already investigated into this matter. At the beginning of December this year, the British government confiscated 15,000 self-balancing electric scooters which did not pass the safety tests before entering the market from the total 17,000 imported ones.


Therefore, they choose the low cost raw materials with bad quality such as unqualified battery and chargers or even cheating on workmanship and materials, which is the inducement of the explosive accidents of the one wheel scooter.

Secondly, a lack of strict market access standards in this industry results in the unqualified products with safety hazards sneak into the market, which makes the market mixed with products of different quality and greatly damages the rights and interests of the customers. The third reason is the lack of regulation and control by the government and certain institutions during the whole process.

Airwheel X3

In order to solve this problem, firstly, the government and institutions should set strict laws and regulations on this sector to control the process. For example, Amazon requires every supplier on their platform should provide three safety certificates namely UN38.3, UL1642 and UL60950-1 before they start to sell the product. Secondly, the manufactures should increase their awareness of the quality control of the self-balancing electric scooter and have stronger corporate social responsibility to safeguard the benefits of the customer and adopt the customer-centric strategy.

Fortunately, there are some successful brands such as Segway, solowheel, Airwheel, etc which do an excellent job in the quality control and after-sales service. They should continue to set a good example for the sector.

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