One Bag Business Travel Tips

Inexperienced business travelers are often wary of “one bag travel,” worrying that their trip may be sabotaged by the lack of an item they neglected to pack.
Fear not, rookie traveler!
With a little planning, you’ll avoid embarrassing oversights and many of the hassles that plague less frequent passengers, like checking and retrieving of extra luggage, paying excess and oversized baggage fees, and dragging multiple bags through security checkpoints.Crew 8 Wide Body
One of the keys to successful one bag business travel is choosing the right “departure outfit.” Men should wear dark, slip-on dress shoes, dark permanent-press slacks, a dress oxford or golf shirt, and a versatile sports jacket. Women should wear the feminine equivalent.
Remember that when you travel in an appropriate business outfit, you’ll have one fewer to pack.
Another key is investing in a Travelpro 20″ Crew 8 Wide Body Expandable, which offers the packing capacity of a 22″ carry-on and an intelligently designed business organizer with a padded computer sleeve. It also comes equipped with a hidden security pocket for items like passports, money, or jewelry.
Other proven one bag business travel tips include:
One bag business travel enables you to reach your destination fresh and ready to succeed, not stressed and worried about your belongings.
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