One Money Saving Tip for International Travelers

If you haven’t traveled outside the country before, or if it’s been a few years, you’ll be happy to know it’s possible to avoid ATM fees for cash withdrawals or transaction fees while conducting business abroad.
A May 2016 article on Smarter Travel pointed out that most American credit card issuers have cards specifically for frequent international travelers. But don’t assume that you’ve got the right kind of card just because you have a company credit card.
Make sure your bank card isn’t charging you to use their ATMs overseas.
American Express, Capital One, Chase, BankAmericard, MasterCard, and Barclay all offer programs that waive international transaction fees on certain types of cards. But if you use your standard issue card, here’s what percentage of fees NerdWallet says you should expect to pay.
If you’re going to be traveling extensively, you may want to consider not only having a credit card with these amenities, but also having a bank account with an institution that you can access overseas. Schwab, Citi, and HSBC offer different services for clients who spend significant time outside the United States, for example.
With a little research, you can find a card that meets your needs. Some other benefits for international travelers include car insurance, zero annual fee, points for purchases, and waived ATM fees. Find a card that saves you money, avoids fees, and can even benefit you in airlines or hotel points.
International travelers, what are your typical credit card practices on overseas travel? Do you have any other money savings tips for our readers? Share them with us in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or in our Twitter stream.
Photo credit: Maxpayne473 (Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons 4.0)