Own Airwheel Intelligent Electric bike R6, And You Will Won’t Regret It

Abstract: Airwheel cool e-bike R6 has a perfect appearance and it has powerful function as well. The overall color of R6 folding e bike is very simple and it rides well. Moreover, it is easy to take. If you own it, you will not be regretful.

If no adjective can express a kind of beauty, then it seems to be excellent. Idol faction still occupies an important position in the entertainment industry, and the real power faction is also good. Then maybe the Airwheel smart e bike R6 should be described as "It can obviously rely on the beautiful appearance, but it must depend on real power."

Airwheel R6 smart ebike

On the one hand, let us discuss its beautiful appearance. The main colors of smart bike R6 are Pearl White and Cool Black. Its design conform to the minimalist style which consists of very simple lines and delicate clean color instead of taking the fancy. The appearance of the electric assist bike R6 is built by all Aluminum Alloy. And there are many baking process add to the prestige of R6. It may make people feel very comfortable and have a sense of stability.

Airwheel R6 smart bike

On the other hand, let us know more about the real power of Airwheel foldable electric bike R6. Firstly, the traditional structure of the bicycle is slightly complicated, Airwheel folding electric bike R6 is equipped with intelligent lithium battery technology. So the structure of R6 can be easier. No chain constraint and all rely on battery power. The speed of the cool e-bike is high and it can also help people save effort. Good riding means good performance, which is a very happy thing for users. But with the exception of good riding, it should be convenient to take.

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So secondly, the team of Airwheel knows that folding is the most direct and effective way, and it takes a lot of efforts to make it smaller and easier to take. The body of Airwheel smart electric assist bicycle R6 instantly shrink into a smaller one thanks to the automatic folding system. After folding the smart e-bike, you can take it around. R6 is easy and convenient to take.