Owning an Airwheel X8 Intelligent Electric Unicycle to Keep You Fit

Abstract: Most people are aware of the importance of a good figure. An intelligent scooter from Airwheel can keep you fit.

Aesthetic feeling is what people chase from ancient times to the present. An increasing number of people are aware of the importance of a good figure. We all come to this point that is how to keep fit.

In all other cases, it's the calves to bear all the strength when we are walking. It's true that calves are added muscles, which influences the sense of beauty of legs.

Airwheel X8

However, riding X8, scooter developed by Airwheel is a great substitute for walking. This scooter adopting classic colors, black and white, is a good aid to help you keep fit. In view of its tiny body, you can carry or ride it to everywhere expect the place beyond earth. For instance, when you need go to shopping mall, it can go through the barrier setting for holding back vehicle's entrance. As going inside of the mall, you can ride it on the flat elevator. If you want to stop to buy something, the scooter does not need you to carry even though it's not heavy, merely 11.1kg. Owing to the attachable pull-rod, you can drag it like a luggage case.

Airwheel X8

For many places, you can ride it to finish them instead of walking. It lets you keep standing, because the X8 single wheel scooter is without a cushion. In fact, long-term standing posture can consume a small part of calories. And then it's terrific to keep fit by riding on the scooter. You are likely to ask how far it can go since you intend to pay a visit to your friend whose house is not far away from yours.


The special scooter powered by Lithium battery imported from Japan can go about 54km which depends on rider's weight. Meanwhile, it gives out an alarm if the power level is less than 10%.

Therefore, you may rest assured to enjoy riding the electric scooter as well as keeping fit.

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