Personal experience of using Airwheel SE3

I travel a lot for business trips and learned how difficult it is to carry the luggage on the way. The regular suitcase cannot provide me with easy traveling experience. I was so excited when I saw the Airwheel SE3 smart suitcase and ordered one right away.

Airwheel smart luggage

I have traveled a few times already with the Airwheel SE3 suitcase, and I’m going to share with you my experience about it today.

Airwheel 3 wheel electric scooter

The riding suitcase is equipped with a handlebar and a motor wheel. We can ride it at the speed of the /h without pulling it like regular suitcases, which is the most important point that attracts me. There is a long way from the bus to the train station or the airport, and the train station or the airport itself is big also. It helps me save lots of strength and time by riding it.

Airwheel riding suitcase

Simply press the button on the suitcase to switch to the riding mode, the handlebar and motor will be extended automatically. Press the same button again to retract the handlebar and motor and switch to the suitcase mode. You can take your kid (if there is one) out to have fun. It feels so great.

Airwheel riding suitcase

The inner space is divided into two parts by an inner cover: The bigger part for the clothes, shoes, and other bigger items; the smaller part which is designed with various pockets to hold your notebooks, pens, folders, power banks and other smaller stuff. I can put the most used stuff at the outer layer so that I do not have to expose my clothes or other personal belongings when trying to get them out of the box, which is really a good design.

Airwheel rideable Luggage

·Detachable battery set

The Airwheel SE3 smart suitcase is powered by the battery which needs to be recharged. The battery is detachable and easy for maintenance. We can open the zipper on the lining to take it out easily. We can either charge the battery separately or charge the suitcase with the battery installed in it. The travel range can be doubled if you have another battery pack for replacement. We can buy it directly from the Airwheel official website.

Airwheel rideable Luggage

The suitcase is designed with USB ports on the top to recharge your smartphones easily during traveling. We do not have to worry about finding a place to recharge your smartphone anymore.

Generally speaking, I am very satisfied with the Airwheel SE3 smart riding suitcase. It doesn’t need practice or learning. It’s a lot easier to travel with it, less walking and more efficient.

I will keep using it and share with you if there is any new experience with it in the future.

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