Q3 Self-balancing twin-wheel Scooter Able to Balance Your Life Is Introduced by Airwheel

Abstract: Depending on technology advancement, various electric devices flood into the current market. A scooter names Q3 self-balancing electric scooter is able to balance your life introduced by Airwheel.

Lifestyle of the people has taken place greatly as the 21st century is witnessing the leap of technology advancement. The wide application of the internet shortens the distance between the people around the globe; the mobile internet era makes life more convenient; the handy transportation tools also join into people's life, like release of Airwheel Q3 offering a new means of transportation.

Q3 twin-wheel scooter

With the growing number of private car users increasing dramatically, traffic jams become a serious problem in many big cities. In fact, it's a common phenomenon in the global that the whole world is trying to discover a solution for it. According to statistics in some authoritative reports, the traffic congestion in a city is largely due to the number of private cars the city owns, though there are other minor factors such as roads and streets planning.

Airwheel has come up with a solution that riding Airwheel Q3 twin-wheeled electric scooter as a green personal transporter can avoid the traffic jams.

Airwheel self-balance scooter

It conforms to weatherproof standard, so it can be rode in different terrains without worrying about water leakage. It can be scooted along the sideways and pavements and can be stored under your desk without taking too much space.

This mini scooter can be a great aid in your life. It will balance your life. Riding it can shorten the time on the way to any destinations. Q3 electric scooter is also useful to be used in various situations. Rolling it to the supermarkets, schools, or parks is quite convenient.

Obviously, it's out of question to ride it to the work. Riding the scooter is filled with fun that can make the work more not as boring as before. It's a good vehicle to balance the life.

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