Reduce Business Trip Stress with Bleisure Travel

It’s not often you get to treat yourself to a bleisure trip.
That’s when you tack a few days on a business trip and explore your destination. No meetings, no schedule, just a leisurely was to learn more about where you are.
Instead of worrying whether your meeting will wrap up so you can catch a Lyft across town, or dreading another meal courtesy of room service, you can relax, explore the city you’re in, and enjoy some local culture.
History buffs can check out museums, foodies can sample local cuisine and there’s always attractions that can be experienced in person, not examined on line.
More and more employees are using bleisure travel, and some businesses are even promoting the idea, according to a recent article on .
Travelers worldwide have said that unhappiness with their business travel impacts their family time so adding some time to their trip — and even bringing along their family — can help improve their attitude.
According to the Skift article, travelers from India reported the most satisfaction with business travel. In turn, they also reported more flexible employers, and more frequent bleisure trips.
Bleisure travel is also key to reducing or balancing negative business travel experiences in North America and Europe. However the UK and Belgium reported the highest rates of unsupportive employers across Europe.
Disappointment coincided with age, too. Baby boomers reported more flexible employers than younger people, and thus, more satisfaction with business travel.
Millennials reported having the most negative experiences with business travel and believed that the negative experiences of business outweighed the positive. Millennials also expected highly-valued bleisure trips from employers.
Companies are listening to the complaints because bleisure is generally on the rise, according to the article. There’s a growing trend to put the traveler’s experience as a top priority, and that will include more bleisure travel.
So what is it that satisfied employees enjoy about business travel?
The ability to explore a new location. The consensus, nearly worldwide, was that business travel is just as important as other perks like networking and the ability to expense meals and hotel stays.
According to the article, some employees care less about salary, and instead like to get to know the location they’re visiting, to meet new people, to network with people that can help advance their career, and have someone pick up the tab for transportation. When you see what opportunities business travel affords, you start to understand why bleisure travel is an important part of it.
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