Ride an Airwheel Saddle-equipped self-balancing scooter S8 to Hunt for Pokemon

Abstract: The reality game Pokemon Go is really a hit on the smartphone now. If the game players ride an Airwheel electric walkcar S8 to hunt for Pokeman, they may find more pleasure and surprises.

What is the hottest game on the smartphone right now? Definitely the reality game Pokemon Go. It uses the GPS on the phone and people play by walking around the real world catching little virtual monsters in places near the phone location and train them to fight each other. The monster mobile hit gets more and more people out of their house.

Pokemon Go

How can the Airwheel S8 sitting posture scooter facilitate players to catch the cutesy monsters? Unlike bikes, the vehicle is powered by electricity. It can save the labor of walking. Unlike electromobiles, S8 is an electric scooter from which the handle bar is axed. It doesn’t require the hand control. Instead, the vehicle go forward, accelerate, decelerate and brake by riders leaning forward or backward. Unlike electric unicycle, S8 is equipped with a saddle and a standing board. It has dual function and riders can achieve the coziest postures of riding, either sitting or standing.

Airwheel S8

For Pokemon hunters, the vehicle can carry them around with their two hands free. They can control the electric walkcar by body movement while operate on their smartphones to look for pokemon. If riders want to park the vehicle, there is a 2.4G wireless remote control connected helps to easily lock it. As an intelligent vehicle, S8sit or stand scooter can also be connected to the smartphone through a customized app. All the details are presented visually over the phone.

Airwheel S8

Though the new game has brought people much pleasure, it is warned by the police that dozens of robbery targeted at pokemon users and accidents have been caused as they roam the streets. It is advised by Airwheel, that when riding Airwheel S8, it is better to keep a close eye on the road conditions and surroundings rather than on the phone. To avoid injuries of falling down from vehicles, Airwheel has invented an intelligent helmet C5 which can be used in concert with S8.