Riding Airwheel Self-balancing Scooter Every Day Keeps Doctors Away

Abstract: There is a growing scientific consensus that the more time people spend in sitting, the shorter their life may be. Excessive time of sitting at a desk or in front of the computer will tremendously impact people’s cardiovascular and metabolic function, especially the office workers. The solution for them is keep exercising in the office once in a while during working time.

It is suggested in more and more scientific research that when people spend more time sitting, their life may become shorter and less healthy, as sitting at a desk or in front of the computer for a long time will significantly impact their cardiovascular and metabolic function, which raises the risk for heart attack, type 2 diabetes, insomnia and certain types of cancers. More severely, it may increase the risk for premature death.

They can use an Airwheel electric scooter and have a ride in the office or at the house. The vehicle is mounted with Cheng Shin tires and large wheel hubs, ensuring the safety of riders to the utmost. Also, since it is controlled by body movements, the riders have to twist their waists so as to steer the vehicle. In this way, they can get their body refreshed and also have fun. When they become tired, they can just put it aside. The self-balancing scooter is rather small, so it won’t take up much room at all.

Apart from that, the Airwheel intelligent scooter can serve as a great transport. Office workers can ride it to work or back home while the freelancers can go to buy groceries with the vehicle. During the ride, they can again have some exercises, which is rather conducive to their health.

Health is of vital importance to everyone. For those who have to sit for a long time, have a free ride with an Airwheel electric scooter may be a good way to exercise and keep doctors away.