Riding Self-balancing electric hoverboards Is Good for the Economy

Abstract: It's a hard time for most people including common workers, manufacturers, and some companies in every trade. However, industry of electric scooters like Airwheel is helping economy to go up to some degree.

Today is in win-win situations: Not only has the bicycle industry recovered from the recession—self-balancing electric scooters sales were up 15 percent in 2015 from the previous year, but it creates new jobs as well! A new University of Massachusetts study shows that bicycle lanes allowing electric scooter to roll create 46 percent more jobs than car only road projects.


Congress is having trouble ponying up any funding for projects that create jobs, but Bicycle Times points out that there's already about $225 million in federal funding under the banners of “Transportation Enhancements”, “Safe Routes to School” and “Recreational Trails Program.” That's more than 2,500 jobs to be created by electric scooter's industry. Hence, riding scooter is worth advocating. It can directly contribute to economy development.


Now car industry is in downturn for it has already passed its golden age. Expect for improving economy, riding electric hoverboard is also good or considerable in some other aspects. It makes for environment protection in view of its green energy. All self-balancing two-wheeled electric hoverboard powered by batteries do not give out any exhausted gas. So it indirectly reduces the expense in some cleaning equipment. That is to say it helps to increase the economy. Apart from that, it can also be good to personal economy. Riding scooters doesn't need fuel or park which can save a great deal of loose money. It can replace walk that can save some time for other important things. Saving time is to save money.


Accordance with the above statements, riding scooters does contribute to economy. And state economy benefit from it, but also individual's.

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