Safe Guard on the Road — Airwheel Smart helmet with action camera C5

In most countries, it is a must for riders to wear helmets on the road. Helmet can protect riders' head and neck in face of accidents. Airwheel intelligent helmet C5 is a popular gadget among riders. Let's see how capable the intelligent device is.

It is requisite to wear protective device, like helmet on the road in most countries. Helmet can reduce the injuries to head by absorb the mechanical energy and protect head against penetration. For a quality helmet, the structure, volume and weight are all important issues. Higher volume and weight may increase the injury risk for user's head and neck.

High qualtiy sports Helmet

What are the special traits of the device? The intelligent helmet has chosen high quality materials complying with standards of CPSC, and have the equivalent crush resistance as Nokia Polycarbonate. C5 weighs only 425g and will not cause any burden to head and neck. As a helmet, it can bring the most reliable safety protection to its user.

helmet camera

In addition to its traditional head protection feature, Airwheel C5 has integrated with hi-tech components and thus enabling more functions. Firstly, the Bluetooth helmet has been embedded with Bluetooth headset and speaker. When connecting C5 to the phone via Bluetooth, users can answer phone calls by pressing the key on the helmet. When the journey needs some fun, users can play music on the helmet. The Bluetooth speaker will enable riders to enjoy music as well as hear the external sound.

intelligent helmet with action camera

Most people choose Airwheel smart helmet C5, for its camera shooting function. It is dangerous to take pictures or answer phones while riding. But with an Airwheel C5, these problems are solved easily. C5 has been installed with a HD action camera. It can present high resolution shooting performance in motion state. C5 can be applied to riding, skiing, sky diving, rock climbing and other strenuous activities. The device can record the scenery and the unforgettable experience. Even encountering accidents, the camera will clarify the facts and clear the responsibility.

Airwheel intelligent helmet C5 will give all-rounded care to its wearer. Just enjoy the trip guarded by it.