Shopping for a Business Backpack: Features That Make Travel a Breeze

It’s the one thing that unites every airport traveler, regardless of destination, purpose of your trip, or which class we fly. We all want to get through security quickly.
We take off our belts, remove our jackets and our shoes, put our change and keys in the little dishes, and pull our laptops from our bags. All of this wastes time, and we’re at risk of forgetting something and leaving it behind. (It’s also one of the compelling reasons for signing up for TSA Pre-Check.)
This checkpoint friendly backpack can get you through airport security with a minimum of fuss.
If you had a checkpoint-friendly backpack from our Crew™ Executive Choice™ 2 or Platinum® Magna™ 2 collections, you could be efficient with your time and protect your valuables simultaneously. Our checkpoint-friendly backpacks can be opened up and laid flat, leaving the laptop in one half and your loose items in the other, ready to be checked by security. No chance of leaving things behind or having them stolen. Just re-zip the bag shut, and you’re on your way.
Protecting yourself from identity theft is also a concern. This is where our Crew Executive Choice 2 and Platinum Magna 2 backpacks can help. Both pieces include an RFID protected pocket, which protects its contents by blocking scanners used by identity thieves, making it ideal for storing your wallet or passport.
Finally, a business backpack can take its toll on the wearer if not designed properly. Take the time to compare shoulder straps and shoulder pads for durability, quality, and comfort. The right fit and adequate cushioning are necessary for a comfortable trip as you walk through the airport or around the city.
We made sure our business backpacks are easy to carry, but as an added feature, while you’re in the airport you can slide your backpack’s Quick Loop strap over the extended handle of your rolling luggage.
We’ve all experienced the increased wait times that build when others’ lack of planning has left us standing in line, playing the waiting game. While you can’t do anything for them, your wait can be more comfortable, thanks to the backpack’s padded straps. And you can shorten someone else’s wait in line by moving quickly through the TSA checkpoint, thanks to the checkpoint-friendly design.
What do you look for in a business backpack? What features would you like to see in this kind of bag? Tell us about it in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or in our Twitter stream.