Shopping for Luggage: How to Actually Shop

You’ve read the reviews, you’ve asked friends, and you’ve researched online, but you’re still unsure how to go about determining which kind of luggage to purchase. What should you do?
Let’s assume you’ve identified what you’ll be using the bag for: regular business travel or infrequent leisure travel. That has helped you qualify how much you’ll be willing to spend in order to have something that will serve your needs for the length of time you anticipate needing it. You’ve analyzed different bags to determine the features you’ll need. You’ve factored in past experiences with other pieces you’ve had as you’ve thought through this purchase.
The Platinum Magna 2 luggage collection
Having done all that, nothing can substitute for going to a store and giving your chosen bag a test run. Take advantage of the sales associates where you shop. They should be knowledgeable and helpful. If they’re not, seek out a store that specializes in luggage sales.
Test Your Luggage Thoroughly
Part of the test run should include the touch and feel of the bag. Do the zippers flow smoothly? How does the handle feel in your hand? How much does it weigh when it’s empty? Does the extension handle telescope properly?
Don’t forget to think about the type of wheels you’ll want. Spinners are much more maneuverable, while two-wheel systems provide a bit more interior packing space. Speaking of the interior, examine the pockets and sections of the bag to see if they are as adequate and functional as they appeared in the photos online.
When thinking about price, look for special deals and even closeouts. Just because a model is being discontinued doesn’t mean anything is wrong with it. The typical sales cycle for a model is two years at major department stores, so don’t discount one that is reduced or labeled as closeout. A great deal might be yours if you know what you’re looking for and are prepared to act.
Bottom line? Do your research and shop for the best deal. Happy traveling!
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