Shopping for Luggage: Lightweight Durability

Using “lightweight” and “durability” in the same sentence when describing luggage may seem like an oxymoron. Duffel bags have long been lightweight; heavier hardshell case bags have been durable. And that’s the way it has always been.
The new Travelpro Crew 11 luggage collection
When it comes to “lightweight durability,” at Travelpro®, we have built our reputation on marrying the two.
It’s simple science: The lighter the bag, the more you can put into the bag to meet the maximum allowable rate. With airlines instituting weight limits for checked baggage, and carry-ons for international travel, the empty weight of luggage matters.
It all starts with the lightweight frame, which has been subjected to (and exceeded) rigorous testing criteria. And while all of our collections have new design innovations, let’s focus on Crew™ 11, the sister collection to our FlightCrew™ 5 collection, which is used extensively by flight professionals.
The Crew 11 Rollaboard® models and Spinners both feature a honeycomb framing system, which is patterned after the shape bees construct in their beehives. Fabricated from polypropylene, the frame provides a solid, durable structure for the lightweight, ballistic nylon fabric covering. The frame is then integrated with the bottom construction to create easy maneuverability and greater stability.
The fabric isn’t only lightweight, it’s coated with Duraguard®, which protects it against stains and abrasions. It can withstand the scuffs and scrapes of normal travel, without looking like it’s been put through an obstacle course.
Our quest for durability drove us to develop the patented PowerScope extension handle, constructed of airline-grade aluminum for strength and stability. We also pay close attention to our wheel systems, such as our patented MagnaTrac™ wheel technology for Spinners. Unlike other Spinner wheels, MagnaTrac instantly aligns wheels to track straight, allowing for effortless control. We even use high performance ball bearings in our Rollaboard® wheels, which pass stress tests over miles of rough terrain.
When you’re looking for your next piece of luggage, consider all of the elements that go into our bags while comparison shopping. You’ll find our marriage of lightweight durability is an unbeatable combination that will stand the test of time and rigors of travel.
How important is a bag’s weight and durability to you? Does it figure into your decision making? Tell us about it in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or in our Twitter stream.

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