Sit to Ride Style for You with Airwheel H3 Electric Wheelchair

Abstract: Airwheel H3 portable electric wheelchair, as the all-new product series offers brand-new riding mode and riding experience for you. Whoever the rider is, H3 will be their intimate partner.

Airwheel H3

The release of Airwheel H3 reveals brand-new design idea and riding mode. It is not only enjoyed by the riders with mobility problems, also by the public because of relaxing riding mode and high safety. Here are its technological breakthroughs. Like other Airwheel models, Airwheel H3 is to allow more people to enjoy a free intelligent life. It is mainly designed for the old and disabled. H3 automatic electric wheelchair uses aluminium alloy shell and high-end tires. Meanwhile, it has taken in the innovative essences of excellent designers and an automatic folding system is added to H3 for the first time. Riders can fold it automatically, by pressing one button, making it easy to store.

Airwheel H3 wheelchair

H3's saddle is made of breathable material. So, riders will not feel tired. Relaxing and convenient riding satisfies long-distance trip of many people. Also, thanks to the reducer with dual back drivers, H3 electric folding wheelchair provides riders with comfortable and stable riding experience even on the bumpy road. Then, speaking of its ride mode, Airwheel engineers and designers have tested many times and found the ideal operation mode—intelligent handlebar controller. Riders just need to push the handle controller forward to go forward. Similarly, push or pull the controller /rightward, H3 will move to the direction accordingly. Which direction you push it, the H3 will go there, and it will brake when you do not touch it. To go back, it will beep to ensure the safety of rider and others.

Airwheel H3 smart wheelchair

Besides, unlike the traditional wheelchairs, H3 has two ride modes; either by hand or by electricity and riders can alter freely between the two modes. That is, if the rider needs someone's accompany, they can change it to hand mode and allow other to push it.

Airwheel H3 at 2017 Canton Fair

In order to give users more convenient riding, there is a made-to-measure App for H-series. Such an App can be installed in the phone and users can gain the real-time state of H3 smart electric wheelchair via the phone. Now, you can sit to travel around.