Skateboarding Airwheel M3 to Get Through My Unemployment Period

Abstract: A real story from my experiences needs to share with all young people struggling hard for a better future. Everyone has his own way to get rid of gloomy times, however, I should skateboard a board to walk out of the unemployment period.

There is always a gloomy time in the life, and I can't help calling back my unforgettable experience. At that time, I deemed that I was a loser thoroughly. With a depressed face, I just tried my best to kill all the time since I was unemployed. Plenty of time failed to arouse me to make a plan for the future. Drinking was my hobby which could let me indulge in a visional world.


This brand was seen on the street before. Other members said electric board was much easier to learn than traditional ones. With their guides, I stepped on the board. Then gradually push the speed button to go forth.

Although I was able to move on the deck, fears were still kept inside my heart. Only if the pavement was flat without any obstacles or gradient, the board worked well on it. After 4 times practice watched by my friend, I got relax without too much fear. I felt free with hands controlling the board.


During the period of my unemployment, I didn't kill time by eating snacks or drinking beers, but made a lot of time to skateboard with them. The biggest favor M3 offered to me was the feeling of freedom. Moreover, I thought I could start my own business. Then no boss top on me blamed each error about my job.

It's my first time to play wireless remote control skateboard. I can't say it's good for every young man, but it does help me walk out of the gloomy time. When meeting adversity, choosing a proper method to address it is an effective way.

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