So Cool to Ride Airwheel Q3 Intelligent twin-wheel Electric Scooter

Abstract: Airwheel Q3 intelligent self-balancing electric scooter is about to give riders or fans of scooters totally a different experience, and its stylish exterior makes riders cool during the ride.

No matter how tough the life is, there are always some good things hidden in the life if we see the world by our hearts. A new released product in electronics is Airwheel Q3 a self-balancing twin-wheeled scooter produced by Airwheel Technology. Q3 with its stylish appearance and excellent performance is doomed to bring some surprise to riders.

Airwheel Q3

Plus, with the help of twin wheel hubs and ultra-widened contact plane, it makes for a better riding stability. Hence is quite different from X series electric unicycle, difficult to keep itself balance.

What makes this twin-wheel electric scooter is easy to rein? There is a built-in intelligent chip at the bodywork. It means this scooter doesn't fall after the power is stared. Another benefit for riders is that when the electric scooter tilts sideway over 45。, the control system will activate tilting protection. And the motor will stall immediately to avoid getting hurt. For beginners of learning Q3 Twin-wheeled Scooter, they can just jump out when feeling it's not balanced.

Airwheel Q3

Hence, riders will not get hurt. About its speed although it can reach up to /h, the speed limit is 12km per hour set in this scooter for the concern of rider's safety to prevent injuries caused by over speed. When speed exceeds /h, the front end of the pedals will rise gradually to stop you from inclining further to accelerate. Therefore, it's safe to ride it.

So Q3 is stylish in its exterior as well as safe in operation. Freely riding this mini stuff is to make riders cool on the streets.

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