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Embracing the World, Airwheel E3 Folding Electric Bike Giving People Happiness

Abstract: 2016 was a key year to Airwheel, because it was in the year that Airwheel has made many breakthroughs. With this good opportunity, Airwheel brings out other models of E-series, e.g. E6 and E3 smart e bikes. At present, with the popularity of electric walkcar, the manufacturers have to face the capacity problem. To […]

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Airwheel E6 Folding electric road bike, Ideal Option for Economical and Fashionable Consideration

Abstract: Nowadays, people in big cities are facing serious economic burden especially when they plan to buy houses and cars. The expense on transportation takes certain percentage which necessarily has been put into consideration. Compared with private cars, Airwheel E6 electric folding bike has the following merits making you cannot resist to it. First comes […]

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Three Reasons Accounting For the Craze of Airwheel E6 Folding Electric Bike

Abstract: To list the most popular vehicles nowadays, Airwheel E6 Smart e bike will be on top of the lists. What are the reasons accounting for the popularity of E6? Of late, people prefer seek individuality rather than follow suits. In the industry of commuting vehicles, it is also universally acknowledged that traditional vehicles are […]

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