Airwheel E6 Folding electric road bike, Ideal Option for Economical and Fashionable Consideration

Abstract: Nowadays, people in big cities are facing serious economic burden especially when they plan to buy houses and cars. The expense on transportation takes certain percentage which necessarily has been put into consideration.

Compared with private cars, Airwheel E6 electric folding bike has the following merits making you cannot resist to it.

First comes first. The cost of fuel witnessed an increase gradually and the trend for it proves to be negative. Worse, parking fee is climbing in recent years. Specifically, in some big cities, one hour's parking fee could be over one dollar or more. Also, cars are helpless in front of traffic jam and the increasing number of cars is also one of the culprits of the polluted environment. Airwheel E6 is totally different.

Ebike 300Wh

E6, featured by slim body, quick fold system with the folding size 950mm×456mm×160mm and 14.15kg item weight, enables you to weave through freely in the crowed or the heavy traffic. Airwheel E6 folding electric bike is driven by battery which can be charged and recycled. The cost of electricity then can be ignored compared with that of fuel. Besides, there is no parking charge for E6, as rider could easily carry it into his or her office.

folding urban ebike

Considering the huge cost of a private car, most young people in big cities take the public transportation like bus and subway to cover the journey between their houses and offices. The public transportation is much cheaper compared with the private car, however, it is still more expensive and less convenient than Airwheel E6 e bike. As a result of that, there is an increasing number of white collars taking Airwheel E6 as their first choice for the journey.

electric mini bike easy take

Following trend is also people's pursuit. The unique design of E6 whether the X shaped externality or the internality including APP and thoughtful design appeals to the public. To conclude, Airwheel E6 smart e bike is a wise choice which is pretty economical and fashionable.