Life Becomes More Wonderful With Wide Range of Airwheel electric folding bike

Abstract: The newly released Airwheel R5 folding e bike once again enriches the current Airwheel riding formats, bringing new riding experiences to people's daily life. It would be fantastic to experience different ways of Airwheel riding with different e scooters or e bikes.

Riders are required to have some riding skills in order to keep a good balance, but this attracts more riders to challenge their riding skills and improves riding proficiency.

For female riders, instead of chasing thrills and adventures, they are more likely to experience a more interesting and relaxing way of riding. Therefore, they are more likely to ride Airwheel 2-wheeled electric scooters like the S-series and A-series to feel the unique way of Airwheel riding, including standing posture and sitting posture. Kids are fonder of the Airwheel M3 electric drift hoverboard, coupled with 2.4G remote control, powerful motor and four quality tires. Parents are feel rest assured their children are safe enough on M3, as it is protected by double battery protection boards.

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Now with the newly released Airwheel R5 electric folding bike, riders are able to have a complete new way of riding. Unlike all previous models, R5 is designed with more consideration to provide physical comforts for a long-distance travel. Known for three ride modes—man-powered, power-assisted and electricity-assisted modes, Airwheel R5 electric moped bike enriches the current Airwheel riding formats, bringing new riding experiences to people's daily life. To begin with, R5 is a bike to build up your body. Secondly, R5 is an e bike to enjoy speed. Also, R5 is a “hybrid” bike combing man-power and electricity-power to enable riders to go further.

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Besides the various ways of Airwheel riding, riding Airwheel electric mobility scooter increases riders' happiness index. Many riders fall in love with Airwheel because Airwheel mini electric scooter lets them bid farewell to the annoying traffic jam and busy schedule. Life becomes more wonderful with wide range of Airwheel electric scooters.