Technologies and Materials Employed to Save on Electricity for Airwheel smart E bike E6

Abstract: When people purchase an electric vehicle, they might take into consideration the battery volume and endurance. Airwheel electric bicycle E6, has employed technologies and good materials to strengthen to the energy-saving feature and improve its performance.

When customers think of electric bicycles, they might picture a clumsy one with large battery. The battery volume and endurance has always been emphatically taken into account. Some producers are building larger batteries to achieve longer trip distance.

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Airwheel Electric bicycle is coupled with car-level Li-ion battery set which is more durable. The battery itself weighs only 1.4kg, but it guarantees sufficient power supply. The battery can be charged around 800 times ideally, and each full charge takes about 200 min. The external modular battery design also enables riders to change the battery to enjoy longer distance of riding. A 300W powerful hub motor, integrated with electrical power drive system keeps the vehicle running at a stable speed of 20 km/h.

Best Electric Bicycles

The endurance ofBest Electric Bicycles E6 is benefited firstly from the patented body structure. Here's a set of numbers to give a brief introduction to E6. It weighs about 14.15kg and can bear a maximum weight of 100kg. The folding size of E6 is 950*456*160mm. The main frame of the electric bike is made of aluminum alloy and shapes like an X. It is a perfect combination of structure and materials. The smaller body it has, the less energy it consumes.

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The intelligent EBS braking system offers optimized power scheme. After accurate calculation, the system can help the vehicle to brake efficiently with least power consumption. The tires made of low energy consumption rubber also helps to increase the speed.

Airwheel electric bike motor E6 has well expounded how science and technology change lives. The power-saving features of E6 are yet quite efficient that customers can enjoy a more durable and pleasant trip with the vehicle.