Test the Airwheel smart suitcases at Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2021

Abstract: From 13 to 16 April, welcome to visit Airwheel booth at 3F B15&B17, in Hall 3 at the Convention and Exhibition Centre. At Hong Kong Fair, Airwheel display three new different smart suitcases.

Every year, the Hong Kong Electronic Fair attracts many companies all over the world to attend it. Its products cover the almost all the latest electronics, networking products, electronics and accessories, telecom products, smart phones and home entertainment and so on. The fair creates a platform for Airwheel to show its new products and be tested by more visitors. They are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

Airwheel at 2018 HK Electronics Fair

Airwheel is located at booth 3F B15&B17, in Hall 3 and there is a long queue of visitors. In addition to the electric scooters, there are three different suitcases worth your attention. Airwheel SR3 is an intelligent autonomous suitcase featuring auto-follow, intelligent obstacle avoidance, mobile phone remote control and anti-lost alarm and more, which is very important in the crowded area like train stations and airports. It is applied with ultrasonic obstacle avoidance and out-of-range alarming techniques to carry your stuff safely and free your hands during traveling.

Airwheel SR5 power assisted luggage

Airwheel SR5 is a power assisted suitcase with smart motor, bi-directional system, smart electronic brake and removable lithium-ion battery etc. Its smart motors will respond to the user's operation on the throttle and provide power assistance while moving. The bi-directional system lets riders go forward and backward with less effort and SR5 will brake automatically when releasing the throttle on the handle.The removable lithium-ion battery complies with airline boarding requirements and the colorful design makes it beautiful and easy to recognize in the belt.

Airwheel SE3 features large wheels allowing it to be ridden, automatic retractable design and replaceable battery. SE3 smart robot suitcase can be an ordinary suitcase with the pull rod to drag. Moreover, it is a rider's rod. It can fulfill the tires and riding rods retracted by simply manipulating the designated button. It can randomly switch between riding and dragging mode. No matter what suitcase you choose, the Airwheel intelligent auto-following suitcase is changing our travel style and make the travel easier. Experience it now in HK.