Thanks to Airwheel, the public can say good bye to haze and fog

Abstract:The quality of environment is closely related to the individual's health conditions. However, the increasingly serious haze and fog has posed a threat to people's health. To cope with haze and fog, a joint effort from both the individuals and the society is needed. Airwheel self-balancing electric scooters, as eco-friendly vehicles are desirable alternatives to tackle haze and fog.

During the past winter, we have experienced more and more days with haze and fog. Whereas, the emergent measures taken by the government do not eliminate the pollution forever. The quality of environment is closely related to the individual's health conditions.


To deal with the problem, clean energy technology should be thoroughly implemented in all industry, and the transportation counts much. With more and more new vehicle appearing, it is hoped to reduce the exhaust. And Airwheel electric hoverboard is one of them, clean and green. It turns out to be an eco and efficient solution to the urban traffic conditions. Airwheel Technology devotes itself into producing low-carbon products with less energy-consumption.

During the past few years, Airwheel has achieved great performance. Airwheel intelligent electric scooter, home to six series, more than ten different models are all powered by lithium battery and produce zero pollution to the environment. For individuals, they can ride Airwheel to work a few times a week.


Airwheel is never to replace the cars, but to be connector between your home and station. During rush hours, driving cars are much slower than riding Airwheel. Airwheel products are portable, say Airwheel X series and Q series and some are accordion, say the Z3 and S5, which can be easily folded and stored in car trunks.

In a word, concerted efforts from both individuals and companies are required to deal with air pollution. As one of the most important part of life, transportation counts much. Thanks to Airwheel, we can say good bye to haze and fog.

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