The A Position and Golf Road Warriors Announce “Roll Like a Warrior” Sweepstakes [PRESS RELEASE]

(PORTLAND, ORE.)—Golfers who consider themselves “Road Warriors” will have the chance to prove it by registering to win in the Golf Road Warriors: Scottsdale  “Roll Like a Warrior” Sweepstakes as part of ’snewest promotion starting November 28.  The sweepstakes celebrates the rollout of the newly redesigned Golf Road Warriors website.
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Between Nov. 28 – Dec. 4, The A Position will send four journalists to Scottsdale, Ariz. to play eight world-class desert golf courses, enjoy the destination’s renowned hospitality, sip tequila, smoke a few premium cigars, and otherwise pursue the adventures and rewards of a great golf road trip.  The journalists will create and broadcast daily original content via a collection of websites, print media, social media, podcasts, and radio that will be further disseminated by sponsor partners.  The content will include course and equipment reviews; opinion pieces; travel stories and videos; and the observations and commentary of four award-winning golf journalists who have worked for many of the best media outlets worldwide.
Followers of the Warriors now may enjoy the same kind of trip.  By registering at , viewers can earn a shot at a grand prize package consisting of . .
The Golf Road Warriors descending upon Scottsdale include renowned golf broadcaster and historian Peter Kessler and journalists Jeff Wallach, Tom Bedell, and Terry Moore.
Follow this on-going adventure communicating the power of new media at Golf Road and at .  The next installment of Golf Road Warriors will take place in Palm Springs next February.
The A is a network of websites featuring the world’s best golf and travel writers. The term “The A Position” refers to the best place a golfer can land his tee shot. On the web, it refers to the site readers will want to land on for great golf and travel journalism.
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