The Airwheel latest smart helmets in 2017—C6 and C8

Abstract: If you ride a motorcycle, you'll know there's discord between full-face and open-face advocates. At the beginning of 2017, Airwheel has released another two intelligent helmets, C6 and C8 which are open face helmet and full face helmet respectively that can meet more motorcycle riders' demands.

These new arrivals include Airwheel C6 open face helmet, C8 full face helmet and F3 unmanned aerial vehicle. Today, we will learn the unique features of Airwheel helmets.

Airwheel C6

Eelier in 2016, Airwheel announced its official release of C5 smart helmet and one year later, C6 and C8 were born. Like C5, they are veritable auxiliary devices. Out of safety-consciousness, Airwheel pushes out the two smart helmets. Based on high-quality material and advanced craftsmanship, Airwheel intelligent helmets enjoy better intensity, lighter weight and more comfortable wearing experience than ordinary ones. C6 motorcycle helmet and C8 serve to protect the rider during the ride and at the same time the rider can take photos, listen to music and record related data as he steers Airwheel electric scooter or ride motorcycle.

Airwheel C8

Airwheel C6 and C8 helmets install precise, exquisite and high quality lens design that is able to present high-contrast and high resolution shooting performance, recording every unforgettable moment. Their specially designed microphone and high quality Bluetooth speaker are making the riding safer. The microphone is able to filter external environment noise to guarantee a clear call during riding and Bluetooth speaker can enable you to enjoy music and meanwhile to hear the external sound, ensuring that you are ready to deal with emergencies anytime.

Airwheel C6

Unlike C5 designed for the public, C6 cool motorcycle helmet and C8 aim for specific groups. C6 intends to satisfy the motorcycle's demands with the open face design and C8 racing helmet is favored by the racers, as the full face design can give them the maximum protection. Anyway, the smart helmets have a promising market and Airwheel C series of smart helmets will be beloved by more and more riding lovers.

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