The best large suitcases for under $200

We’ve picked the best large suitcases hardside and softside for under $200. See our reasons why and get organised for your upcoming summer holiday!
If you’re committed to reading this blog, or if you’ve shopped in store with us you may have heard us repeat the phrase ‘not everyone needs to spend $500 on a suitcase’. We say this because it’s true. Many of our customers are very frequent travellers seeking top quality gear, we see them more regularly than a casual traveller because they fly more, however the vast majority of travellers are casual travellers, with one, maybe two holidays per year. Typically, a casual traveller places less demand on their bag, with a more straightforward home – hotel – home itinerary, and the top of their priority list is value for money.
With Christmas being the peak travel season for casual travellers, we’ve done our studies and decided on the top 2 suitcases under $200.
The American Tourister Applite 82cm $299 $179
Easily one of our best sellers, this suitcase is light, huge, comes in 3 colours and terrific value for money. American Tourister is Samsonite’s ‘young’ brand, so you’re buying great quality from a reputable company with a 10-year warranty. The fixtures and hardware are sturdy with double spinner wheels, a satisfyingly thick polyester fabric, built in TSA lock, expander and there are 4 sizes available in the range so you can choose what best meets your requirements.
We love this case; our customers love this case. The biggest negative feedback we receive on it is the rather bold and fantastically bright highlighter toned interiors, yet whilst full on, it does make it easy to find your gear inside.
Read more about it and purchase it online here
This suitcase is also available to rent here
Delsey Belmont Plus Expandable 75cm Suitcase $329 $195
It’s not the flashiest, but what the Delsey Belmont Plus lacks in style it makes up for in quality. It’s abundantly clear when you look closely the difference the smallest things make – the double zipper to start, is so substantial and smooth running that it makes other zippers look not up to task. Even the zip pulls manoeuvre into the TSA combo lock more easily than normal, both factors meaning less likelihood of damage when put under pressure (we know you’ll try and pack to much!) Double spinner wheels, an expander and a thoughtful interior make this suitcase a breeze to use.
It’s not the lightest available, but the weight is typical of a hard suitcase in this price bracket, similar models such as the AT Bon Air and Antler Juno (both also great choices for this price bracket) are 300-500 grams lighter, but we think the extra quality that contributes to that slight weight gain is worth it.
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Soft is Lighter! 
It is worth noting if you are shopping in this price range that softside suitcases are lighter, weighing around 2.8 – 3.5kg for a large. Hardside suitcases are around 4-5kg. Hardside suitcases are available lighter, they come down to under 3kg, but there are large price premiums on ultra-lightweight hard suitcases with prices starting from around $300 upwards for under 3.5kg.
Prices and details correct at the time of publishing and are subject to change
Images via @delseyofficial and @americantourister_au with thanks