The FAQs of the Airwheel Mars Rover and Smart Helmets

Abstract: Through years' effort, Airwheel has become many riders' first choice to travel. The following collects several frequently asked questions of Airwheel products, ranging from its new C series of helmet camera to its self-balancing electric scooters.

The first two questions are about the App of Airwheel C5 smart bike helmet.

Q: Whydoesitcannotshootvideosusing64Gand128Gmemorycard?

Airwheel C5 bike helmet

Q: Time delay may appear when turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi simultaneously. What's the reason?
A: Because the hardware configuration varies in mobile phones. However, the helmet functions, such as shooting video and taking photos are not affected. Choosing either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is suggested to a well-pleasing user experience.

Airwheel wifi

The following three questions are about the Airwheel self-balancing electric scooters.

Q: Why does my Airwheel oscillate when moving?
A: The principle on which an Airwheel is designed is the gyroscope; therefore, it is absolutely normal for your Airwheel to perform small movements to adjust the center of gravity and restore optimum balance.

urban e scooter

Q: Why is it that once powered on my Airwheel intelligent power scooter beeps if it is resting on one side?
A: The beeping indicates a blocked motor, since if the unit is lying on its side, the gyroscopic system on your Airwheel is no longer capable of balancing the unit: to stop the beeping, simply power off the Airwheel and bring it back upright.

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Q: I climbed on board my Airwheel electric scooter while it was powered off and broke the stand: why?
A: The gyroscope on your Airwheel operates only when the unit is powered on: if you climb on board while it is powered off, your weight will be supported only by the stand, which is designed to support the weight of the vehicle and not that of a person. We recommend you never climb onto your Airwheel while it is powered off, and remember to fold the stand before setting the unit in motion. If you have any question, please feel free to contact Airwheel.

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