The First Airwheel S5 Transformed to Be Ambulance of Medical Services Present in Indonesia

Abstract: Airwheel has made a successful cooperation with Ros Medika Karya, a medical establishment in Indonesia for it can quicken the first aid team's speed in some crowded areas. With the help of Airwheel, medical service institutions can service the public in a more efficient way.

With the help of the scooters, rescue workers can move faster than before in terms of the speed. Since it can reach up to the highest speed, the medical workers can work faster in terms of speed and be more efficient in terms of reaching more people in the venue which has limited access. Usually, without Airwheel, it could take around 10 minutes for a team to reach the patient in the middle of the crowd; however, it just takes about 2 minutes with the scooter.

Airwheel S5

Why is S5 two-wheel electric scooter able to receive approval from that Indonesia medical service except for its pleasing speed? Two large tires can roll steadily on the road. In the middle part located between the left and right handlebars, a wide Led display screen is there, which can display more information about scooter's status including speed, battery level, mileage and so on that guarantees users to ride wisely.

Airwheel Q3 cheap price

Two wheels are equipped with dirt-boards for some dirt roads, and the medicine cabinets can be installed on stands fixed at the mud boards. Besides, when the low battery comes, the intelligent scooter will give a warning on the screen to remind of the rider. Since this scooter has two wheels, it makes users effortless to keep balance on the feet deck.

S5 best quality

From the top to the bottom, it shows that this scooter is decent with fine materials. For the motorized scooter is used for the medical service, the operating bar can be decorated with the marks of first-aid. It's very helpful to be transformed to an ambulance.

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