The Smart Phones Ruin People’s Life? This Is Not True with Airwheel A3 Sitting-Posture Intelligent Scooters.

Abstract: With smart phones, modern people deserve the name “the walking dead” more than walkers. At least, when they see other alive creatures, walkers will jump to these alive things. But smart phones are invented to make people’s life more convenient. This is true with Airwheel A3 intelligent scooters.

It is true that waking the dark screen and sliding on the phone screens are what people mostly do in their daily life. On the streets, people are more like the “the walking dead” than these genuine walkers who may be attracted by other things living on the earth—people only have interests on the warm and shinning yet dead phones. However, smart phones are invented to make people’s life more convenient and comfortable. So, the phones make people addicted. It is just the way of using them, which causes such an awkward situation. Airwheel makes correct use of the smartphones in its intelligent self-balancing scooters.

Airwheel A3

The phone APP of Airwheel A3 electric scooters is especially designed for the A series intelligent scooters. One important functions of this APP is to demonstrate various parameters of the vehicles on the phone screens. So riders have clear ideas of the status of their vehicles. Moreover, there are many function modules on the vehicle body if there is no remote control like the phone APP. So there is no need of stopping the vehicle and get off for turning off just one switch.

Airwheel A3

Another important function of the APP is the GPS location of the vehicles. The Airwheel /iOS application can locate the position and track the path of your vehicle on digital map. Any suspected move of the vehicle can trigger the application to pop up alert to avoid theft and facilitate the retrieval.

The phones will be truly help people change their life if they are correctly used. Airwheel intelligent two wheel self-balancing electric scooter are the vehicles make phones more helpful.

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