The Successes of Airwheel Intelligent Scooters Lie where Cars and Buses Can’t Run.

Abstract: If it’s necessary to find out why Airwheel intelligent scooters become great successes in only three years, people should seek for the reason on the roads where cars and buses can’t run.

It’s hard to judge the time when the intelligent self-balancing scooters become the popular intelligent devices among citizens. But it’s correct to say that Airwheel has brought the intelligent scooters to the public, and the successes of Airwheel intelligent scooters lie where cars and buses can’t run.

Airwheel X3

And the time of people wasted on the roads drives people to seek for another roads or way of solving the traffic problems. Moreover, the areas for people’s working, studying and living have become too large to walk. For instance, students studying in the campus must “march” a long way between the living buildings and the lecture halls; and there many large work buildings which it will take much time to leave one office for another. And these people urgently need the vehicles portable enough in these situations.

Airwheel X3

Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters are much more portable than traditional transport vehicles. Airwheel X series electric unicycles and Q series twin-wheeled intelligent scooters are no bigger than a bag and weigh only around 11 kg. Airwheel S series two-wheeled intelligent scooters are the largest vehicles in Airwheel family. But they are still small enough to be rode in any working or lecture buildings. And they just take small room to be stored because the control shaft is detachable and foldable.

Airwheel Q3

Though with small sizes, Airwheel intelligent scooters have the strong performances and adaptability to fit all types of roads. And even the most portable X series intelligent scooters can cover the travel distance as long as 20 km. The S series can usually cover more than 60 km. So for middle and long distance travels, riders only need Airwheel intelligent scooters.

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