These Designs of Airwheel M3 Electric airboard Worth Attention

Abstract: It is frequently seen that a group of skateboarders are weaving in high streets and back lanes happily and freely. If you want to make friends with those skateboard-lovers, skate the cool and stylish Airwheel M3 self-balancing air board on the street and they will come to you.

Airwheel M3 makes surfing on the land be possible. Airwheel skaters are able to enjoy very different skateboarding according to their needs and preference. It can be said that Airwheel M3 has made skateboarding more relaxing, exciting and thrilling.

Then, skaters can finish such controls as accelerating, decelerating and changing direction by slightly changing their body gravities.

electric airboard

What’s more, the maximum range of Airwheel M3 electric airboard is about 20km, which offers skaters sufficient skating enjoyment. Airwheel M3 is also equipped with 2.4G wireless remote control with 10m effective range, which paves the way for easy control and free skating. Familiarize yourself with the keys in the remote control and then use it to control to go forward or backward.

Airwheel M3

For green hands, they can get on the board, adjust the posture to adapt to the board (lower gravity center is more stable), and push the remote control slowly. In the riding process, please keep your gravity center stable. The turning of M3 self-balancing air board is controlled by the change of board’s gravity center. Please practice a lot before leaning to turn and please note the riding speed before turning.


The four tyres of Airwheel M3 also have been through elaborately design. Comparatively speaking, the tyres of M3 electric skateboards are much wider. Therefore, there is bigger contact surface between tyres and ground, which makes sure high safety, excellent skid resistance and strong grip capacity. In addition, high-elastic dampers, made from TPU, are installed on both front and rear wheels. They aim at stable and comfortable skating.

The modular design of board, sticker, battery and even motor make Airwheel M3 a unique skateboard.

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